Collagen, everyone’s talking about it…

We are adding it to our coffee, drinking it with water and innovative brands have even started adding it to their treats. Why is everyone talking about collagen?

Well, our collagen levels start to deplete after the age of 25 (eek!). So, in order to keep our hair, skin and nails looking amazing, we need to supplement that collagen loss.

Collagen is a key protein in the body that ensures the elasticity and regeneration of skin, tendons, organs, fibrous cartilage and bone. Collagen is beneficial for joint pain and as an anti-ageing nutrient to help skin remain youthful.

Collagen contains high levels of the amino acids glycine, hydroxyproline and arginine. As the peptides are of a nano size, they can easily pass through the intestinal wall and accumulate in the blood. After as little as 15 minutes, these peptides are distributed to the connective tissue stimulating endogenous collagen synthesis.

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Collagen and ageing
Collagen and ageing
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Here are 3 areas where taking additional collagen supplements can help

Collagen and hair growth:

Collagen is great for hair growth and skin appearance too. Everyone metabolises collagen differently, but some people start seeing little baby hairs forming around their crown from as little as four weeks after use, others take three months to start seeing results.

Collagen and hair growth
Collagen and hair growth

This is great for women who are suffering from hair fall, and want thicker, healthier locks, it’s great for men with thinning hair too. While the new little flyaways forming around your grown may be annoying at first, that’s the first sign that your collagen is working. Long luscious healthy hair, here we come!

Youthful skin:

The skincare changes can take a little longer to notice. It takes some people about 8 weeks to start to see a difference, but some people report it taking as long as 6 months before they started seeing a difference.

Remember, this is not a quick fix. This is a supplement to be added to your lifestyle. However we did notice that we were no longer experiencing regular breakouts and our skin was looking smoother and not as tired.

Collagen is important for strong nails:

The nail differences can also be seen quite early on, in as little as four weeks. Your nails will start growing quicker and will be stronger and healthier.

How to use collagen:

Depending on what brand you use, most collagen powders are completely tasteless and can be added to your morning coffee, smoothie, or oats.

Liquid collagens can be sipped with a glass of water and capsules can be taken in the evening before bed.

Over the years we’ve trialled a few collagen brands and below are 4 of our favourite ones:

O’Nutricia Collagen
O’Nutricia Collagen supplement
O’Nutricia Collagen
O’Nutricia Collagen

1.     O’Nutricia Collagen:

We use the powder in the am and the capsules in the evening. The capsules have vitamin c in them to assist with vitamin absorption, and help you sleep at night too.

Powder is R400* for a 50-day supply (500g) and the capsules are R200* for a 30 day supply (90 capsules). For best results, take these two together. You can order your collagen from for a recipe on collagen bites, click HERE

Collagen Lift
Collagen Lift

2.     Collagen Lift Paris (red carpet):

This is a berry flavoured drinkable collagen, just open the ampoule and pour it into a glass with water.  Can be taken in the mornings or evenings and like all collagen, it is suitable for the whole family. This collagen offers 10ml of collagen per serving and it costs R1080* for a 28-day supply. Order HERE.

Natural Living Collagen
Natural Living Collagen

3.     Natural living, vegan collagen booster:

Natural Living Vegan Collagen Booster is a 100% plant-based protein powder that provides the nutrients your body needs to produce collagen. This is beneficial for the skin and hair, as well as joint health and overall wellness. A locally made, completely natural formula, Vegan Collagen Booster includes baobab, wheatgrass, moringa and spirulina, in a pea protein isolate base. Packed with antioxidants and vitamins. No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives are added. R275* for 250g. Order HERE.

Loaded logs collagen
Loaded logs collagen

4.     GD collagen logs:

A collagen treat!

They’re LOADED with health-giving, flavourful goodness and nothing else. Lusciously chewy, with a deliciously toffee-like flavour, GD’s Collagen Loaded Log contains collagen and Vitamin C (which promotes collagen production in the body), providing a collagen boost so essential for great-looking skin, hair and nails.
Ingredients: Cocoa (powder, butter, mass), raw honey, collagen, macadamia oil, Vit C, Himalayan salt. R25* each, packed with only healthy and flavourful goodness. Order HERE.

*Prices correct at time of publishing


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