Last updated on Jan 28th, 2021 at 12:31 am

If Bonang is interested in hooking up, she’s not going to tell the whole world about it. Queen B set the record straight on Twitter over the weekend! 

Bonang Matheba is a straight shooter in every sense of the word. If she knows what she wants, she doesn’t dance around the subject, instead, she goes directly for the prize without making a fuss or a noise about it. Whether we’re talking about work, personal goals or even some of her romantic targets, Queen B reminded us once again this weekend that when she stakes her claim, she moves in silence.

Bonang brushes off Sizwe Dhlomo hint from fan

There is never a dull day on South African Twitter, is there? Over the course of the weekend, Sizwe Dhlomo’s name trended across social media after a picture of his had people commenting aloud about some of his man-parts (for the lack of a better term!). The picture in question left little to the imagination and some of his secret (and not-so-secret) admirers let the radio and TV star know what they thought of his “package”. 

Seeing how Twitter was running wild, Bonang joined in on the action by teasing her industry friend with a series of emojis which implied “I’m watching you!” – although the timing of her tweet misled a few neutrals. Some people thought the entertainment queen was hinting at being romantically interested in Sizwe and when she noticed where the conversation was heading, she put a halt to all of the speculation.

Bonang shut down the suggestions by revealing that if she was interested in a man, she would contact him directly, rather than inviting commentary from the timeline. She wrote, “….Lol! I just text if I’m tryna hit…I wouldn’t involve ya’ll…”

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Is Bonang back on social media?

After a quiet start to 2021 on social media platforms, Bonang Matheba has been slowly but surely increasing her presence online. It began at the beginning of last week when the former Top Billing star shared her first Instagram post in over a month, and has been a lot more chatty on Twitter ever since. 

This led many people to wonder if Bonang might have finally ended her social media hiatus, something which she didn’t exactly confirm. She did allude to the fact that her time away might have been deliberate after a fan questioned why she had been “scarce” on Twitter. She cooly replied when she said that she had been “Resting, enjoying life” in her absence. 

Although we are happy to see Bonang enjoying her time away, there’s no denying that the internet is a happier place when she’s on it!