Coming straight out of 1813, the newest Netflix romantic drama series has taken over 2021…

Julia Quinn’s romantic book title, Bridgerton, hit TV screens on 25 December 2020, and it has been on the top ten most viewed productions in South Africa since its release. The Shonda Rhimes production has done so well globally that the cast is shooting soon for a second season.

Here are five of the biggest reasons why the series is doing well, especially amongst the ladies:

There are hot guys

This is an obvious one and the biggest reason why the ladies keep coming back. From the overprotective big brother to the confident bad boy, there is something for everyone. Regé-Jean Page has become a fan favorite, and moms cannot stop salivating over how attractive he is and how sexy his character, Simon, is. He is a dark and mysterious eligible bachelor that every girl wishes could be theirs.


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It comes straight out of fairytale-land

Girls love a good fairytale. Fancy balls, pearls, rubies, and diamonds are the order of the day in this Shondaland production. Women attend fancy parties in their pursuit of love, happiness, and happy endings. Mothers are both supportive and persuasive as they help their daughters find their perfect match. Like we said, straight out of a fairytale book.

Romance everywhere

Do you remember a time where a man had to buy you a bunch of expensive flowers and give you all his attention when courting you? Bridgerton tells a story of that time, where looking fancy and applying a lot of effort as a man was the only way to “secure a match.”

The romantic dance scenes will have every girl craving for an intense stare contest between lovers.

Saucy sex scenes

Sex is a very big theme in this series. We count well over ten sex scenes between the star couple. The series sets the viewer up for a whole dash of sauciness as the second opening scene shows Lord Bridgerton having a quicky in the middle of nowhere while his family awaits his arrival. Having good sex is on top of the list for every women that wants a healthy relationship. So, good sex on TV screens is a sure winner for them.

It is poetic

One thing about 1813 is that emojis and swiping left, or right was not the way to get a wife. All a man had were his looks, his gestures, and his words.

“I cannot stop thinking of you. From the mornings you ease, to the evenings you quiet, dreams you inhibit. My thoughts of you never end.”

This is how the beloved Simon professed his love for the beautiful daphne, and this scene had women gushing. The series was well written and narrated by the cast. It makes love sound beautiful, and women love beautiful things.

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