Liezel van der Westhuizen is bold, beautiful and not afraid to show off her fun side – even with her hair.

Not many of us are courageous enough to be out-of-the-ordinary and rock hair colours that are ‘out there’!

All4Women chatted to TV and radio presenter Liezel van der Westhuizen on her new hairdo, why she keeps her hair short, her wedding plans and benefits of having short hair.

Liezel is one of the few people who have enjoyed experimenting with hair colours in very eye-catching shades – from green to blue, to pinks and purples.

“I am blessed to work with an amazing, and creative team at Palladium Hair Co. to get the very best version of these colours on my hair, while also perfectly managing the health of my locks. The Palladium team is extraordinary – comprised of such a talented pool of people, committed to exceptional hair care and beauty. They, together with the fun mix of events I work that sometimes require themes, and my vibrant personal style, push my adventurous spirit to try different things out,” said Liezel.

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She cropped her hair before the early stages of the 2020 lockdown as a self-preservation measure and believes that the longer the hair, the higher the maintenance. Liezel has also played around with long extensions, but her short hair has been her signature look.

Liezel van der Westhuizen (Image supplied)

Liezel revealed the touching reason why she now always has short hair.

“My short hair came about when my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer, 12 years ago, and she lost all her hair. I remember seeing her face when her hair began falling out – the sadness and anguish, as the reality of the situation showed itself in yet another way. I had long hair until just a bit past my shoulders, which I always used to tie up into a ponytail and I took the hair clippers and shaved it all off. Me, bald! But I felt the solidarity I gave was necessary and still believe in what I did – to reassure my grandmother that she was supported and loved beyond a reasonable doubt. I keep my hair short in her memory,” she said.

Liezel also went on to disclose that we will definitely be hearing wedding bells soon. How exciting!

“The wedding bells you will definitely hear soon. We are just biding our time, watching how things unfold this year, before making more concrete nuptial plans. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting hairstyle ideas from my followers and fans, for the big day. Some hair style ideas are wacky, while others I’m tagged on are romantic, or cool…but not yet sold on anything in specific. You’ll be the first to know when I decide though!”

We cannot wait!

Liezel van der Westhuizen (Image supplied)

When it comes to the benefits of having short hair, Liezel said it is great for a comfortable sleep and is generally an appropriate style across different environments. This hairdo is also easy to maintain and there is less of a chance of having those double-faced ends.

Liezel told us about her amazing plans for 2021.

“I have so many exciting things happening under The Giraffe Brand Academy, wherein I train entrepreneurs (and blue-chip companies), on: how to build their Personal Brands, media skills, as well as gaining confidence for public speaking, speaking in front of cameras or on radio, and how to articulate your goals and visions. I have some great prospects planned internationally too, should the borders allow safe travel.”

Check out more images of her new look that she shared with us exclusively. Her blue and white hair is inspired by jewellery designer, Janine Binnerman.



Liezel van der Westhuizen (Image supplied)



Liezel van der Westhuizen (Image supplied)



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