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Limpopo, formerly the Northern Province, provides a great weekend getaway for those living not too far away.

Two to three hours drive from Gauteng

The province is home to a number of game parks and other tourist attractions, all within two to three hours drive from Gauteng.

Chance to relax in the local hot springs

Bela Bela, formerly Warmbaths, is a short drive from Gauteng and offers good accommodation and the chance to relax in the local hot springs. Limpopo is usually a little warmer than Gauteng, making it the perfect winter weekend away.
Limpopo has a wealth of game farms and golf courses and offers other activities relevant to all ages.  The province boasts a rich history and a rich cultural heritage. For those more interested in game drives and game viewing, there are plenty of game farms. 

Limpopo is hailed as the eco tourism destination of South Africa

Limpopo is hailed as the eco tourism destination of South Africa, making travel to the province an environmentally good decision.
The Waterberg, a little further north in the province is a beautiful area with good accommodation and game parks. This area may require more time away than just a weekend.

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Polokwane is the capital of the province and well worth a visit

It is the busiest spot of the province and has a number of cultural activities and historical buildings to visit. It is probably prettiest around September and October when the jacarandas are in full bloom.
There are often different festivals on throughout the year – something worth planning a trip around.

A good stop-over destination if you are planning on driving over the border

Some roads are being upgraded. However, it is best to check beforehand how severe the roadworks are on your route.
Limpopo is South Africa’s fifth largest province which means there is a lot to explore and discover so planning the trip carefully is a good idea!
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