Last updated on Jun 23rd, 2021 at 04:11 pm

Going grey is one thing we all have to deal with as we age…

While the timeline isn’t the same for all of us we all know we will eventually get there.

While finding your first grey hair can be a shocking and sometimes heart-breaking discovery, we’ve learned some interesting facts about going grey.

1.     Your hair goes grey everywhere!

If you’re still shocked by a grey hair sprouting from your head, then you probably haven’t considered the fact that the rest of your body hair will also go grey someday.

Everything from your eyebrows and lashes right down to the hair on your legs and the strays on your toes can and with time will go grey.

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2.     Scientists in Europe are currently researching a ‘cure’ for grey hair

While you might think a “cure” is only something reserved for deadly diseases, there are actually a lot of researchers working on a “cure” for going grey.

There are scientific minds in Europe that have become so bothered by the loss of pigmentation in the hair, that they spend their days trying to find ways to prevent this from happening.

Researchers at Columbia University have come close to finding the cure and reverse greying to get your natural hair colour back without using hair dye!

3.     Grey hair has everything to do with ageing, but it can also be genetic

There is no escaping that grey hair is a sign of ageing, which isn’t all too bad these days since grey hair has become a fashion statement.

Although grey hair is a sign of ageing, it can happen to young people, and even children can have grey hair.

Some children are even born with grey hair. This has to do with genetics where children inherit grey hair as they would any other hair colour.

Can stress cause grey hair?

4.     Plucking won’t help or hinder

It seems like grey hairs “magically” spring up from nowhere, ageing us instantly. But hair actually loses its colour gradually. Eventually, the hair follicle the produces that specific strand will only produce grey hairs.

So there is no point in plucking and trimming the grey away! A new one will just grow in its place. Thankfully though, plucking grey hair doesn’t make it multiply.

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5.     Grey hair is not grey at all

‘Grey hair’ is hair that has lost its pigments and colouring. While the hair may look like it is going grey if you have dark hair, your hair colour is fading, and not actually changing.

According to, your hair eventually looks white because of the hair around it or grey because of the dark hair around it. Your hair actually becomes transparent. 


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