Dubai is the second largest of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates on the Arabian Peninsula, and ranks as the UAEâ??s most important port and commercial centre. It is a Muslim country and many of the travel tips we recommend stem from travellers needing to respect the culture and norms of the country.


Islam is the official religion of the UAE and there are a number of mosques around Dubai. The dress code is more relaxed in Dubai but care should be taken not to give offence by wearing clothing which may be considered revealing. During the month of Ramadan donâ??t eat, drink or smoke in public during daylight hours. Also donâ??t indulge in obvious public displays of affection.


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Expect very hot temperatures throughout the year and very little rainfall.  The average daily temperature in July (summer) is 41 C. This means that lightweight summer clothing is suitable all year round, but sweaters and jackets may be needed after dark in the winter months. Bring along a hat, good pair of sunglasses and sunscreen.



Do not drink alcohol in public as this is highly offensive. Alcohol is available in many hotel and club restaurants and bars, but restaurants outside hotels are not permitted to serve alcoholic beverages.



Normal tourist type photography is acceptable but donâ??t photograph Muslim women. We recommend asking permission before taking any snaps of men and avoid capturing shots of government buildings or military installations.


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