Itâ??s standard practice to do a little shopping while overseas, but more and more women are booking themselves on special shopping holidays to get an extra dose of retail therapy.

To help those women thinking of heading off for the ultimate shopping trip, Flight Centreâ??s well travelled consultants have put together a list of the top spots for finding bargains and great quality for when you just have to have the best.

Get ready to give your credit card a work out as you shop your way through the Flight Centre list of the best buys, best shops and best bargains around the globe.


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For cutting edge fashion, all of the great cities of the world come to mind. In Paris youâ??ll find the couture houses â?? Dior, Chanel, Yves St Laurent amongst others. In New York youâ??ll want to head to the three great shopping streets: Madison Avenue, Fifth Avenue and 57th Street. 

For more custom couture, the cities of Asia call. In Hong Kong you can have a custom made suit for a small fraction of the price you would pay at home. Or in Shanghai there is the Dong Jia Du fabric market where you can select your favourite thread and have them turned into a coat, shirt or full outfit within hours.


The Middle East is a great spot for precious metals. In Muscat, Oman, the Old Muttrah Souk is like an Aladdinâ??s cave of Omani silver; great quality and well priced. Exotic and traditional styles of jewellery are available and sold by weight â?? but you can try a little haggling if you like.

Dubai is often called â??the City of Goldâ?? and it is well worth adding a nightâ??s stopover here to witness the amazing gold markets. The market offers earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets and pendants, or if you donâ??t find a style that suits you can always have it crafted especially.


Fans of Sex in the City will know that New York considers itself the worldâ??s greatest city for shoe shopping. Here you will find the very best luxury womenâ??s dress shoes, and a trip would not be complete without visiting Jimmy Choo at 645 5th Avenue and Manolo Blahnik on 54th Street.


Devotees know that when choosing a pearl, itâ??s all about choosing the best quality you can afford – and there are several places around the world where you will be able to afford more than others.

The Pearl Market in Beijing is Asia’s largest retail centre for pearls, with three levels offering specimens ranging from the inexpensive (around US$15) to the luxurious (to US$125,000). Several outlets at the markets also produce custom made pieces to order.


Girls who love gadgets should definitely head to Asia to get their fix â?? it has always been known as the centre for smaller, faster and better electronics; many of which never find their way to other parts of the world.

Tokyo leads the way for digital cameras and mobile phones. Head to Shinjuku or Akihabara, but beware that few of the salespeople speak good English, so it is best to have an idea of what you are looking for before you go.

The Mongkok district of Hong Kong is where most locals and tourists head for their electronic products. Located at the heart of Kowloon, it is famous for dense crowds, flashing neon, and wall-to-wall vendors that are both overwhelming and amazing. Plus – a block away you will find clothing, sunglasses and purses on â??Womenâ??s Streetâ?.

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