If you are going to travel to Turkey, here are some great tips and information on the most important landmarks and regions.

Turkey is home to seven distinct regions, each with its own food, customs and cultures. It would be a Herculean task to visit all the regions of this country in just one visit. Find out which areas can offer you the most holiday amenities, and visit the others on your next trip to Turkey.  

The Mountainous Southeastern Anatolian Region

The southeastern Anatolian region is a land of extinct volcanoes set high in the mountains. Noahâ??s Arc is said to have landed on Mount Ararat in this region. Human habitation in this area is scarce, and the rest of the region comprises Turkeyâ??s Serbia or the rugged highlands of the north and to the east the vast lands and weathered mountains. Prominent cities of this area are Mardin, Kilis, Diyarbakir and Adiyaman.  

The Mesmerizing Aegean Region

The stunning coastline with its string of soft sand beaches is what many tourists make a beeline for when visiting the Aegean region of Turkey. Craggy cliffs and olive groves are a stunning backdrop to the azure blue waters. The archeological ruins of a five thousand year old civilization are waiting for you to explore while the landscape and beautiful scenery await your admiration. Water is king in this area and sailors and water sports enthusiasts alike will find no dearth of things to do.

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The Fertile Mediterranean Region

Most of Turkey’s agriculture is located in this area. The climate is warm, the land is fertile, and crops such as cotton and cereal grains are typically cultivated on the irrigated plains. The Mediterranean region also boasts major cities such as Antakya with her own port, an important hub of business for Turkey.  

The Region of the Black Sea

Much of the coast of the Black Sea is inaccessible, with only a few valleys tapering from the interior to the coast. It is another of Turkey’s fertile regions because of the gushing waters from nearby rivers. Commercial farming is common in this area. Be sure to visit Rize, Tokat and Bayburt when you travel through this region.  

Do Not Miss the Marmara Region

Istanbul still stands in all her glory here in the Marmara region. The Marmara Sea is an important internal sea to the Turks. Iznik, Edrine and Bursa are ancient cities that should be high on visitorâ??s list of must-see attractions. It is here you will find the cultural heart of Turkey. The Marmara region is surrounded by the Black and the Marmara Sea, and the Bosphorus Strait is the only way to reach the Mediterranean and Aegean seas.  

Central and Eastern Anatolian Region  

Known as the Anatolian Plateau, the Central Anatolian Region lies between the northern Anatolian and the Taurus mountain ranges. This region is covered with woods and forestland in the northeastern and northwestern areas of the region. The capital city of Ankara is located here. The Eastern Anatolian Region is comprised of such cities as Elazig, Mus, Ardahan and Agri.

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