My favourite place is a beautiful waterfall called Debengeni Falls just off the road between Haenertsberg and Tzaneen in Limpopo (I apologise if the names have changed, I don’t know what the new names are).
The Debengeni Falls are deep in the most phenomenal indigenous forest which has enormous old trees that tower above you. And the sun shines through the trees onto the falling water and makes beautiful patterns in the shallow pool that they fall into.
Then the river meanders through more forest and can be crossed using various rustic bridges. The water is pure and clear and you can see the beautifully coloured pebbles and sand in the river bed. The water is cool and invigorating if you take your shoes off and walk in the river.
The bird life in the Debengeni Falls area is amazing. If I could have, I would happily have got married there. I could just see my husband and the minister with their trousers rolled up and me in an iridescent pink and blue ‘fairy dress’ all standing knee deep in the water at the foot of the falls on a gorgeously warm summer day.
Who needs music when you have the sound of the falling water…..?
Caron Cloete