Thereâ??s this place in the North-West, Revel Inn. A lovely spot with back-packersâ?? rondavels, tent sites and tree houses spread out on the sprawling farm land owned by a very friendly and down-to-earth family with an outlook on life I admire.

Revel Inn with its endearing â??donkey-systemâ?? showers (the water is actually heated manually by fire under the tankJ) is the perfect place for me to get away from it all and spent great quality time with loved ones.

Interesting sounds from all sorts of birds creates the perfect soundtrack for any nature lover.

My personal favourite is a hiking spot on a friendâ??s farm just past the University of Limpopo. I get to swim in a huge reservoir surrounded by big trees, the ground all layered with dried up pine leaves so that it feels soft and smooth to the bare foot. My only problem is that I have to try very hard not to pick any of the Proteas growing along the road. Apparently thatâ??s illegal.

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Iâ??ve been living in Joburg for eight years now and absolutely love the city. But home-grown in Polokwane, Limpopo, I need to escape the residential complexes, highways and terrifying communal office radio every now and then to head for the hills… so to speak.

It can all get quite suffocating when youâ??re used to wild aloe plants and strange rock formations just past your suburb.

My background is the reason why I love the secluded, uncelebrated places where beauty reigns supreme. There are some great spots in the mountains surrounding my home-town.

Nthabiseng Ngoasheng