No matter where I go or for how long, my home is always there to welcome me ‘Home’. The people I love are there, my animals, the birds, the garden…..
Home is a very special place for me and holds memories of being healed and made whole again. Memories of finding my road in this life I am living. Memories of friends and family being sheltered from the storms of life, of sharing all the happy moments in life with them as well.
Our home welcomes all who wish to enter, she never closes her doors to anyone and always has a cup of tea on the stove for you to drink or a glass of water if that is your preference.
In summer her rooms are cool and after being out in the hot sun, she cools you down. In winter with the warmth of the Aga in the kitchen and the log fire in the lounge – curtains drawn – she warms you and keeps you safe from the cold nights.
The place where I live, where I put my head down at night and where I call my family and friends to visit me is my special place.

Noreen Swartzberg