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When you want to lose weight, it is only natural to do that, by cutting down on the amount of fat you eat.

The idea is to burn the fat that is already on your body through exercise and eat as little fat as possible to avoid gaining fat. 

High-fat diets have turned this diet logic on its head. But how does eating more fat decrease your body fat and help you lose weight? 

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Using fat as fuel

Most of us use carbohydrates to fuel our bodies. We eat carbohydrates and our bodies convert the carbohydrates into energy. 

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In high-fat diets, the idea is to change your bodies fueling system. Decreasing the number of carbohydrates available to the body forces it to find other sources of fuel.

Increasing your fat intake makes fat a viable source of fuel for the body. Not only does your body then use the fat you consume as fuel, but also the fat that is already in your body already. 

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Is it healthy?

Eating high-fat foods can raise concerns about cholesterol and diabetes. Because while high-fat, low-carb diet has been proven to have weight loss results the diet involves eating habits that contradict the normal treatment for these lifestyle diseases. 

According to Harvard Health, a high-fat diet can increase cholesterol levels in the beginning, however after a few months of sticking to the diet strictly cholesterol levels normalise. 

Because weight loss is generally viewed as healthy, high-fat diets are considered healthy. There is also evidence of keto diets being helpful to children suffering from seizures and possibilities of high-fat diets being helpful in treating brain diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. 

What’s the difference between a low-carb diet and a keto diet?


Is a high-fat diet the best option?

There is no evidence that a high-fat diet is more effective than more traditional diets like the Mediterranean diet in the long term. 

However, because a high-fat diet strictly regulates the number of carbs and other food groups it could become impractical in the long term excluding you from family meals, minimising your food options when eating out and increasing your chances of cravings and binge eating out of your diets restrictions. 

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