Last updated on Jan 19th, 2021 at 03:56 pm

My favourite place is Racha Yai Island. Itâ??s a small island south of Phuket, Thailand, and sister to Racha Noi which is fifteen minutes speed boat journey further south. 
The reason I love Racha Yai so much is that I lived there for almost five months. Itâ??s an amazing island surrounded by nine beautiful dive sites. It takes fifteen minutes to cross from one side to the other and is covered in coconut trees. The sand is pure white, the sea is turquoise and from November to April it hardly rains.
The island attracts many tourists, but most of them come from the mainland for a day tour and leave the island by three oâ?? clock. For those that are left behind, the evening has just begun. You can visit one of the many beach bars and sip on a Mai Tai as you watch the sun set into the Andaman Sea. There is music and laughter. Everybody seems joyful.
Night swimming has its own rewards. The phosphorescence in the water glows with every movement and it mesmerizes you. During my entire stay on the island, the water temperature didnâ??t drop below 26 degrees, and that was at 40 metres below the surface.
Iâ??d like to say I hope everybody has a chance to experience life on the island, but the truth is, Iâ??d much rather they went somewhere else instead. 😉
Best time to go: Mid October to Mid May.
Kathy Stroud