Last updated on Jan 19th, 2021 at 03:56 pm

While visiting Cape Town as a child, The Brass Bell Restaurant in Kalk Bay left me with dazzling memories and an everlasting impression. I just had to drive 1000km’s last year to visit this exquisite place again. Best of al, it still overwhelmed me with its welcoming atmosphere and it’s scenic location.
The Brass Bell Restaurant is located in Kalk Bay, adjacent to the Kalk Bay Harbour. Panoramic views of the sea and the Harbour are the main attraction of this facility.
The restaurant specializes in all sorts of Sea Foods, whilst a variety of alternative meals are also on offer.
The restaurant is uniquely positioned on the edge of the water, giving you a wonderful view of the ocean. Being just meters above the sea, at high tide, you can sometimes even feel the spray of the water on your skin. General seating is divided into different areas of the restaurant.
Bikini Deck
This is the best place to enjoy the sun and surf outside while enjoying a cocktail from the cocktail bar at the center of the terrace.
A La Carte
With windows facing the sea throughout the restaurant, you find yourself staring at the view of Kalk Bay Harbour and False Bay as well as the terraces below.
The Captains Deck
Elevated higher than the rest of the Brass Bell, this section offers fresh air and a perfect view of the sea and surroundings.
The Cabin
Intimate and relaxed is the best describing words for the Cabin, as it is small and cozy also with a brilliant view of the surroundings.
The Pavilion
This Glass encased gazebo is raised above the terraces and located directly above the tidal pool. The waves crashing below create a charming atmosphere making this the prime location of the restaurant.
Waters Edge
Located outside, the Waters Edge is the closest to the sea with a smoking area that spills over on to the Tidal Pools.