Last updated on Jan 19th, 2021 at 03:49 pm

If I could pick a place where I could go to unwind and draw all my thoughts, dreams and fantasies together it would be Mount Serene in the Magaliesberg. I came across this place one day while surfing the Internet; this is one of the ways that I distress.
Just looking at the pictures and reading the description I could see myself forgetting just for a little while about all the hassles and drama that I experience day to day.
I love water and nature, and this place combines two of those elements and makes the perfect “time out” setting. I have never been on holiday alone and I think that most women are in the same situation as me. The name itself Mount Serene, situated in the Magaliesburg area automatically does wonders to soothe my soul.
Mt Serene can picture myself, laying next to the very secluded rock pool on a hot, beautiful day, reading a Joan Collins latest novel, in a itsy, bitsy teeny, weenie, yellow polka dot bikini. Now you must know that after four kids I am more on the “very curvaceous” side then the teeny weenie side; this place offers me the freedom and the confidence to be just me. Secondly, the way the cabin is situated against rocks and hills and valleys, I would feel safe and secure, skinny dipping in the cool air of a warm summers night, or just sipping champagne, sitting outside while watching the sun set.
Then to end off my evening, I could just picture myself tucked away in a nice warm bubble bath, made just for two, while  soaking my cares and troubles away.
The fire place adds an extra attraction for those cold winter nights, but as I plan to have as little as possible on, I would pick the end of spring, or the beginning of summer to visit.
That in itself to me would be an ideal getaway for me, or as my Title implies……………HEAVEN ON EARTH.