Last updated on Jan 19th, 2021 at 03:43 pm

One of my favourite South African places to go is Cape Town, with all its lovely beaches.  I enjoy the feeling of the fine white powdery sand in my toes, in-between my fingers. I enjoy the feeling of the cool sea breeze against my face and light sprinkles of sea spray on my cheeks.  
There is nothing more relaxing and invigorating for me, than to sit on the beach look at the waves and hear them crashing.  Itâ??s almost like with every passing wave a little bit more of you is relaxed. There are few places that one can go to in order to reflect, and the sea is my favourite place to do that.  
It is awesome to just ly on the beach and feel the warm sun on my skin. I enjoy watching people go about their lives on the beach, but I also enjoy the peace and calm that falls as the sun sets and families make their way home.  
It is almost as if the beach sleeps as the sun sets and the moon rises.  And that is the beginning of a whole new world as the beach is transformed into a mystical and magical place, as bikini-clad ladies are transformed into princesses and they walk along the beach with their princes, and me with mine. And the moon high in the sky is adorned with stars that glisten on the dark waters of the sea…..
Second to none are the beaches in Durban;, that too is one of my favourite places to be, where the sea is always warm and inviting, and the waves kindly and gently sway you from side to side, and sometimes playfully knock you over.  
And when I am tired of swimming or playing in the waves, it’s enjoyable to just sit back and watch people on the strand; families  introducing their new little members to the sea, wetting their tiny little toes, whilst older people taking slow and leisurely strides into the water.  
Husbands and wives taking both children and dogs for walks all along the coast, throwing the occasional stick, whilst strangely light pooch ears flap after them…..people running after belongings as the waves come to steal them away – I wouldnâ??t trade a day at the beach for anything in the world and I would gladly swop the most luxurious bush holiday for a day of sun, sea and surf at the beach.  It is my favourite, most special, most magical place.