A couple of years ago, one of my very good friends from the UK was planning her wedding. As a special surprise, an extra bridesmaid dress was ordered and I was flown to join them in the UK – to leave for Lindos, Rhodes, Greece the very next day.
Lindos, is a magnificent little village located on the east side of Rhodes Island. It has a beautiful old Acropolis sitting on a hill, right in the centre of the village. The Acropolis towers over the village, surrounded by white villas. The only way of transport in the village is by tiny bread vans, donkeys or mopeds…or by foot. The smooth cobbles bear signs of years of ‘traffic’.
Lindos has everything. Amazing blue seas with pebble beaches, swimming pools, restaurants with local delicacies and of course more than enough evening entertainment in the form of small bars dotted all over the town.

LindosThere is something very special about being drenched with the Mediterranean sun, eating tzatziki, olives and sun ripe tomatoes. More so, if you are lucky, you will see the MOST AMAZING full moon rising just to the side of the Acropolis.
Anel van den Heever