I have been on a few cruises, from a two night trip to nowhere to a twelve night trip around the Mediterranean and you just can’t beat the value for money. Life on board a ship is like living a life of royalty. 
There is so much to do on board, that you never get to do everything. The food is outstanding and far too much to choose from. You start with breakfast in the morning, then coffee,tea, biscuits and sandwiches at 11am, then it’s time for lunch and biscuits and coffee again at 4pm after that is dinner time and then a midnight buffet.
You have a Captain’s evening and a Captain’s Ball, where you get the chance to dress up and meet the Captain and have your photo taken with him. There is entertainment for the children,casino, bingo, dancers, magicians and cooking displays….. far too many things to mention.
There are shops and swimming pools, jJacuzzis and health spas, hairdressers and manicurists; there is even a hospital and a church on board. On the twelve night cruise you stop at different places;, we stayed over night in Venice and it was your choice if you slept on the ship or not.
We sailed from Barcelona to Croatia, got off the ship and walked around the wall in Dubrovnik, then on to Greece, then to Nice and then Naples caught a train to Monte Carlo and saw the formula 1 practice; We also caught a train to the Leaning Tower Of Pisa. We then sailed back to Barcelona and caught a flight back to Johannesburg.
The price for the twelve night cruise with all the food and entertainment is a lot cheaper than spending 12 days in Cape Town without food or entertainment.
Rona Fletcher