Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe and Tuscany in Italy – two special places, one of which I have visited and the other, well that is in the pipeline.
Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe – We visited Victoria Falls about two years ago, and I was so taken aback by its beauty, simplicity of life and the humble people that live there. We stayed at Ilala Lodge, a very beautiful boutique hotel about five minutes walk from the falls.
You would not believe how safe it was to walk in the streets or into the town. The only people who approach you are those trying to sell their craft work. They are willing to barter with you for your dirty shirt or socks in exchange for their crafts. There was almost no real crime (robbery, murder, or break-ins) reported, except five years prior in which a tourist was murdered. (The men who committed the crime were found hours later and imprisoned.)
I promise you, if there is one thing in your lifetime you have to do, it is to see Victoria Falls and experience it for yourself. You stand there in absolute awe of this God-made creation, and realize that there are many things in life that are more important.
These people have gone through and are now going through even more political turmoil, but they remain humble in the true sense of being humble. Even now, when you speak to a Zimbabwean living here in South Africa, you get the sense of his humility.
If you think about Victoria Falls is like your life’s journey. It starts out as a stream and flourishes into a river that feeds your needs. It grows as you grow until you reach your full potential. Some of us take detours in life but ultimately I hope you reach your destination.
My Dream Place to visit:
Tuscany, Italy – my dream is to visit this old land and walk it hills and vineyards. To lie in the sun under an old tree, in the arms of my true love. Drinking wine and eating pasta, and soaking up all that is Italian.
Perhaps my dream it too much like the movie: Under the Tuscan Sun, but it made me realize that sometimes you need to let go (of things that hold you back) and just live you life for yourself. Life is too short to settle for less.
Anthea Bester