My special place is a tiny white holiday cottage in KZN. Itâ??s on the South Coast in a small town called Preston, next to Scottburgh. And in the garden youâ??ll find the most ADORABLE white rabbits running around and nibbling on the grass (hence the reason for the long grass) .
The cottage has two bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a lounge. I fell in love with the lounge and the beautiful garden. The lounge has antique furniture, and the pieces donâ??t necessarily match. But it creates such a homely feel, and is very relaxing. The evening we arrived there, there was no electricity, so we used candles in the lounge, which added to the ambience. The reason there was no electricity was because the owner uses a timer, which they forgot to set. For some people it would be a turn-off, but I didnâ??t mind at all!
The garden is amazing. Itâ??s twice the size of the cottage. There is a garden in the front and back of the house.  You enter the cottage via the front garden which has this tiny wooden squeaky gate leading from the car park / garage. Itâ??s got beautiful long green grass (about ankle length), with lovely flowers and a hedging instead of a front outside wall. When you are standing on the back wooden porch you catch the wonderful ocean smell and breeze. There is also a view of Preston beach, which is only a street away.

another rabbitI stayed there for the first time in December 2007, for a week, with my Mom, Dad, sister, and baby boy who was 2twomonths old at the time. I had had a very stressful year and staying there was the best way to de-stress. My baby boy was very relaxed also. Itâ??s doesnâ??t have any features of a luxury five-star accommodation, but the experience is MORE than that! My family and I call it a Home away from Home………………

Jacqueline Kok

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