Why not do a Google search for one or more of these phrases – home exchange, house swap, home swapping – and take the first step to enjoying a great and relatively cheap holiday almost anywhere in the world? (I suggest you add a country of your choice after the search phrase.)

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The cost of air travel is going up, and up. And the value of the Rand is not exactly great. So how can we afford an overseas holiday? Doing a home swap or house exchange is a great way to go. House or home swaps can also be done in South Africa, and if you have a family and have not got friends in Durbs or Cape Town, or Joeys, doing a swap can save you a great deal of money.

Great home swop benefits

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But the greatest house swap benefits are probably to be found in swapping your home with somebody overseas. You might be surprised at how many people from many countries around the world are keen to do a home exchange with a South African. And with the world cup coming up, the sky may be your limit. You may not be interested in soccer (or hopelessly pessimistic about South Africa’s chances), but soccer is the most popular game in the world. And there are tens (hundreds?) of thousands of fans from dozens of countries just dying to do a home exchange in South Africa during that period.

World cup swaps

With the world cup around the corner it is a South African house swappers market. If you are not interested in soccer, 2010 is the year in which you might be able to swap your little old flat for a mansion in South America, Asia or Europe. When going on holiday, we can’t do much about the cost of getting there – but we can can do a great deal about the cost once we are there. House exchanges drastically cut the cost of food – mainly self-catering and far less eating in horrifically costly restaurants. And house swaps can even save you the cost of car hire – house swaps can include a car swap.

Cost of house exchange

OK. There IS a cost to registering on a home swap web site. But it is fraction of the amount of money you will save on accommodation, food and car hire. Anyway, who enjoys staying in a hotel for any length of time? Restaurant food becomes boring. In addition a home swap will probably enable you to stay MUCH longer. A week in hotels will probabaly cost you more than a month’s home swap. And you may even get to meet some of the swapper’s friends which could make the holiday a much more interesting experience.

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