The season of love doesn’t have to be miserable just because you’re single

Celebrating valentines could actually be a great time to take stock of all the love in your life and focus on yourself instead. 

On a calendar of 365 days, not a single day is officially set aside for self-love and reflection. For single people, this day could be Valentine’s day. 

Take advantage of all the love-themed paraphernalia and lavish some love and appreciation on yourself this year. 

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Take stock of your life… again 

Valentines is early enough in the year for you to make new plans, but past New Years enough for us to make sober decisions about our lives. 

Run yourself a bubble bath and take stock of your life in a tub full of bubbles. 


Run through your resolutions in a more realistic light and amend them where you need to. Remember to focus on you and what feels right for you. 

Self-care can do wonders for your anxiety

Whether it’s binge-watching a new favourite series, or taking a few extra hours of well-deserved sleep. Choose an activity that makes you happy most of all it feels good. 

For some, it could even be going for a run. 


Show yourself some love and make yourself happy, because waiting for someone else to do it could be a long a disappointing wait. Penn State University found that focusing on self-care and activities that bring pleasure, decreased anxiety. Even in stressful situations like the current pandemic we are all facing. 

If you don’t like yourself now, you probably won’t like yourself in a relationship


Partners don’t always get it perfectly right. Being your own partner means having the perfect valentines because who knows what you want better than you do? 

Have flowers and chocolates delivered, take yourself out on a date and wear your favourite perfume. Aside from this being a great opportunity to appreciate yourself, self-love encourages and substantiates healthy self-esteem. According to a study by the University of Waterloo a healthy self -esteem makes you a better partner in relationships.


If you love you, it will be easier to appreciate your partner loving you too, when you do find a partner- or a partner finds you. 

Self-affirmations make you more attractive 

Remember the kinds of love letters we wrote in school complete with scent and on good paper too?

Who deserves all the effort more than you do? Take care in how you write it, put effort into the words you use affirm yourself and keep your love letter where you can see it and read it to cheer yourself up. 

Association for Psychological Science found that self-affirmations can counteract social insecurity. 

Self-affirmations make you more confident and likeable in social situations. 

This bodes well for both your social and your love life. 


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