Last updated on Jun 10th, 2021 at 05:20 pm

Monique Muller, estranged spouse to Katlego Maboe, has accused the presenter’s lawyers of lying about her in order to paint their client in a good light. 

The ongoing legal battle between Monique Muller and her soon-to-be-ex-husband Katlego Maboe continues to take more twists and turns. Just this week we found out that Katlego had been arrested at the beginning of January after breaching the court order Monique had set out against him. Now, Monique has hit back and accused Katlego’s lawyer of lying about “never” making contact with her. 

Monique Muller calls out Katlego’s lawyer! 

Divorce proceedings are never easy, but Katlego and Monique’s split looks to be getting uglier by the month. After reports suggested that Katlego had been arrested at the turn of the year for violating the terms of a protection order which Monique obtained, the former Expresso presenter’s lawyer came out in his defence when she spoke to News24 this past week. 

Ellen Louis not only stood up for her client, but she also defended herself after being accused of harassing Monique Muller. At the time, Ellen claimed that she had never contacted Monique directly, but had instead issued messages to her legal camp. Unfortunately for Ellen, it appears as if Monique had receipts of her attempts to reach her and the mother-of-one wasted no time in setting the record straight. 

Katlego’s ex took to her Instagram page to clarify a few alleged untruths where she proved that Ellen Louis had tried to contact her a number of times. 

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The gloves are off

It didn’t end there, either. Monique Muller continued to hit back at Ellen Louis, first by revealing that she and Katlego have to be in contact because they share a child together. But the worst was still to come. 

Monique then exposed a series of unsavoury comments which Ellen had sent in her direction, including a few where she made some racially motivated remarks and a number of intimidating statements. 



It looks as if we are nowhere near the end of this ongoing battle between Katlego and Monique’s respective camps. 

Do you have advice on how best they can navigate their divorce proceedings without further drama?