The bathroom can either be the place where you prevent bad hygiene or the place where you cultivate terrible hygiene habits that could land you in the hospital!

If you are doing any of these you need to stop right now.

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Wearing a tampon for too long

That time of the month can be stressful. Some of us wear tampons specified for heavy flow because we’re scared of ‘overflowing’. BUT this habit can be dangerous because although your tampon may not be ‘full’, you still have to change it regularly. You need a new one in no more than 8 hours to avoid the increased risk of toxic shock syndrome (TSS) and bacterial infections.

The 8-hour tampon change deadline applies to sleep too. Although a tampon is safe to wear while sleeping, you need to change it every 8 hours.

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Consider wearing a pad or panty liner with your tampon for extra protection and wear just the type you need and change it regularly. 

If your flow changes throughout your period, a multipack is the best buy for you.

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Spraying deodorant ‘down there’

Whether you’re feeling insecure about the smell from your groin area or you are anticipating a particularly sweaty day, it is never a good idea to spray deodorant down there. 

The chemicals in deodorant, perfumed body spray and even perfume aren’t meant for the delicate areas around your vagina and could cause burning and even affect your PH levels, making you susceptible to yeast infections. 

To reduce odours, rule out medical conditions, practice good hygiene and wear cotton underwear with loose-fitting clothes to ‘air out’ the area. 

Dash of mouth wash in your bath water

Soaking your feet in warm water with a bit of mouth wash is a great anti-bacterial treatment and can soften calloused feet too. 

A dab of mouth wash under your armpits if you don’t have deodorant can help prevent bacteria and odour.

Mouth wash in your pet’s bath water can also be great for getting rid of ticks, fleas and other bugs. 

Mouth wash in your OWN bathwater is a terrible idea. 

While many of us use antibacterial soaps to get extra clean and ‘kill odour causing bacteria’ the antibacterial properties do not discriminate and will get rid of the good bacteria that keeps the balance in your genital area. 

The mouth was could also burn and create discomfort and painful sensitivity.

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Not drying yourself after a shower 

Getting dressed straight after a shower and a quick pat-down might sound like a good idea when you’re trying to get out of the house in a hurry, but it is a terrible idea. 

Excess moisture trapped under clothes creates a warm dark environment comfortable for yeast and bacteria to breed throughout the day.

Dry off properly before putting on your clothes or allow yourself to air dry while doing something else to get ready. 

When drying off, dry your body from the top to the bottom and allow your towel to air dry even if it is going into the washing basket to avoid breeding bacteria.

Not wiping after you pee

While men usually shake it off, ladies wipe from front to back after a visit to the toilet. 

It may not seem necessary if you’re in a rush or if you just realised there isn’t any toilet paper, but not wiping after you pee means you spend the rest of the day in a small amount of your own urine. 

This contributes to unnecessary and unwanted moisture ‘down there’ can lead to odour and could even make the environment too acidic, making it itchy and creating the perfect ‘weather’ for infections. 

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