Using the right creams, taking all the miracle pills and still eating your way to premature ageing? 

Not only is it possible, but you’re also probably doing it right now!

Our food choices don’t only contribute to our weight and our waistlines, but also our general health wellbeing and definitely how long we live and how we look while doing it. 

Here’s how your diet could be ageing you.

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Convenience foods

We live busy lives and while none of us can live without eating, we would all rather take the chopping, peeling and steaming and all the other time-consuming stuff out of the equation. 

A properly cooked meal has become a treat for special occasions and while this is great for your schedule it is terrible for your health.


If you really can’t spare the time to throw together a salad at home, grab healthier meals that are similar to home-cooked ones, try to make sure your meals are always balanced and consider choosing a salad over chips. 

Creamy, egg salad jar recipe

Gobbling the AGEs

AGEs sound as bad as they are, they are the toxins found even in our healthy food that contribute to oxidative stress and premature ageing. 


When food is grilled, fried to the point of charing (which is delicious) it shows to sign the proteins or fats in the food have combined with sugars produced by the food to produce advanced Glycation End Products or AGEs. 


These toxins can accumulate in the body, breaking down collagen and increasing the risk an appearance of wrinkles. 

AGE’s don’t only affect your skin but also contribute to age-related deterioration in general.  


Eat your fruit and veggies raw or as close to raw as possible, choose recipes with gentle cooking techniques and avoid charring your meats.

Orange Steamed Salmon recipe

Giving in to your sweet tooth

Your body might crave sugar, but isn’t your friend. From your teeth to your waistline, sugar is a sweet enemy to your health and your wellbeing. 

While weight gain, tooth decay and dry wrinkle-prone skin certainly contribute to an aged appearance, it is the risk of lifestyle-related illnesses that makes sugar so ageing. 


When you are not well and your body is fighting diabetes, high cholesterol and heart disease, you are unlikely to look your best.

Make food choices that will benefit your overall health avoiding foods with refined carbohydrates, oils and sugar. Satisfy your sweet tooth with fruit instead.  

DIY trail mix recipe