The Mediterranean diet is known for its success in anti-ageing, weight loss and maintenance and the almost miraculous way it can increase your life span

After noting how traditionally Mediterranean areas had a larger and healthier population of elderly people, it became clear that the main thing that set them apart from elderly people in other parts of the world was their diet.

Getting the benefits of the Mediterranean diet from your very own kitchen is not all that difficult.

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Eat fresh whole foods

Keeping your diet fresh might mean shopping more often, but it is definitely worth it.
Plan your meals for the week and shop accordingly. Make large salads and fresh vegetables dishes, keeping your food as raw or lightly cooked as possible using only olive oil or other unrefined seed oils.

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Avoid red meat

Avoid red meat and add variety to your diet with the many types of healthy fish, rich in Omega 3 and lean protein.
Chicken, turkey and other poultry can also be a great source of protein on the Mediterranean diet.

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No sugar

Although the Mediterranean diet is very accommodating, there is even room for bread and potatoes. There is no place for sugar in it.
This doesn’t mean there is nothing sweet about it at all.

Get all your sweetness from the fruit. Add it to your whole grain breakfasts and serve it a dessert.

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Source: Science daily


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