Sprouting the first sprigs of a beard can be one of the most exciting times for a young man, but usually has the opposite effect on women

There are many cultural beliefs and stories linked to women who sprout hair on their chins. But if you’re even-tempered, don’t make a mean batch of umqombothi and don’t have any cruel intentions a strand of hair growing from your chin can come as a surprise.

Here are 5 medical reasons why you could be growing some hairs on your chinny-chin-chin… Spoiler alert: It’s the hormones

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)

PCOS is a hormonal imbalance that affects a woman’s reproductive health. Reproductive hormones affect many aspects of our wellbeing, including our appearance.
The hormonal changes can cause increased typically masculine hair growth. This would affect your upper thighs, chest, belly, buttocks and most notably your chin.

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Insulin resistance

Insulin is a hormone that is responsible for turning sugar into energy in your body. Instead of your blood sugar levels fluctuation throughout the day, if you have Insulin resistance, your blood sugar stays elevated.

This could lead to diabetes or pre-diabetes if not managed.

Symptoms include always being tired, thirsty feeling weak and even sprouting hairs on your chin.

Insulin resistance can also contribute to increased testosterone levels which will have an effect on your reproductive health as well as your appearance.

Aside from a hairy chin, insulin resistance can also cause male pattern baldness in women.

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Pregnancy hormones

While your body is busy producing a whole other human, it goes through many physical and chemical changes.

These changes can sometimes include becoming a little hairier. Some women will enjoy how much thicker and longer their hair becomes during that time while others might be worried about the hairs growing on their chins.

With pregnancy; the hormonal changes are mostly temporary and don’t mean you will always have a hair chin.

You’re getting older

A hormonal change synonymous with ageing in women is menopause, and hairs on your chin could be a sign that the great pause is looming.

As your oestrogen levels decrease, an imbalance in your hormone levels happens. Testosterone can become dominant sprinkling a little extra fuzz above your top lip and a strand or two on your chin.

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It’s genetic

Hypertrichosis is a rare genetic disorder where women can grow full beards.

Although some women start noticing facial hair growing during puberty, others may grow facial hair later in life, including sometimes triggered by hormonal changes.

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