An heroic waitress from Orlando, Florida in the US has gone viral for potentially saving the life of a child in her restaurant…

She was working at Mrs. Potato Restaurant in Orlando on New Years day when the 11-year-old boy and his parents came into the restaurant.

According to an interview with , Flavaine Carvalho, that the Orlando Police Department shared on Facebook, Flavaine knew something was wrong when the adults ordered food for themselves but nothing for the boy.

“The man said the boy would eat at home,” recalls Carvalho who noticed bruising and scratches on the child’s face.

Concerned for his safety, Flavaine wrote “Do you need help? Ok” on a piece of paper and showed it to the boy behind his parent’s back. The boy initially said ‘no’. She attempted to communicate with him again, and he then said ‘yes’.

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Flavaine proceeded to call 911, and the police arrived shortly afterwards. According to a report in the Daily Mail, the boy “winced in pain when asked to roll up the sleeves of his sweatshirt, revealing bruises on his arms.”

“Orlando Police interviewed the youngster, who detailed the alleged torture he’d endured,” said the restaurant owner, Rafaela Cabede. “The outcome of this story was only possible because of Flavaine’s act of kindness, compassion and how fearlessly she stood up for this child.”

Timothy Wilson II and Kristen Swann were arrested, and have since been charged with several counts of abuse.

GoFundMe raises thousands for the heroic waitress

The owner of the restaurant where Flavaine works was so proud of his waitress and her intuition and bravery that he started a GoFundMe page to thank her. The page has since raised over $36,000! (almost R550k!)

“Mrs Potato Restaurant has received innumerous messages and calls from people wanting to Support and Reward our hero, Flaviane Carvalho,” said Rafaela Cabede. “This account was set up in order concentrate all the donations made on her behalf.”

“Kindness is not something that necessarily needs to be rewarded. That being said, any support will always be welcomed and greatly appreciated, especially for someone that works in one of the industries most affected by the pandemic, restaurants.”

“Courage is not living without fear, courage is being scared to death and doing the right thing anyway.”


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