Choosing to live a healthier life and make healthier food choices often means leaving your favourites behind this can be hard and sometimes contribute to binge eating and secret eating when the opportunity to reunite with long lost faves.


Swapping unhealthy favourites for healthier options can help you stay on your chosen eating style, and satisfy your cravings so you are not tempted and frustrated.


Air fried jicama fries

If you’re a fried chip fiend then the healthy burger, hot dog and even fish recipes will never be the same again for you without potatoes.

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Potatoes are a vegetable and they are rich in potassium and fibre as well as carbohydrates; which are good for you in moderation. A healthy serving of potatoes has more carbohydrates in it that most diets will allow.

And even with all, it’s benefits as a legitimate healthy food, deep-fried potatoes aren’t good for anyone. If you are going to treat yourself to chips, consider baking fresh homemade chips or wedges in the over. This means you are in control of all the oil and seasoning that goes into your savoury treat.


Lesser-known jicama looks like a potato, feels like a potato, tastes like a cross between a pear and a potato, but has fewer carbohydrates and more fibre. Air fried jicama is the go-to chip for many people on the keto and other low carb diets.

While it is not as widely available and is slightly more expensive, more stores and African markets have a rising demand in jicama.

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Homemade dips and relishes

Packaged sauces and dips are one way many people unknowingly eat more sugar than they bargained for.


Making your own sauces and dips means you can track how much sugar and oil goes into it. You are also able to control other ingredients that go into sauces, and leave out food that might contradict your eating and health plan.


Using tomato relish in place of tomato sauce in another opportunity to sneak in some extra veg (blended into your relish) and experiment with different herbs and natural spices for flavour.

Dips like homemade hummus can be adapted and made out of beans, made to include veggies and can also be made in different flavours.


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Swap out puffed rice for puffed millet

It might not snap crackle and pop when you add milk to it, but puffed millet is richer in fibre than puffed rice which means it keeps you fuller for longer and makes for a more substantial breakfast.

Using puffed millet is also an option when making treats nd snacks the require puffed rice including rice Krispie treats.


Make the sweet treats using puffed millet, sugar-free marshmallows and fruit for a healthier snack.


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Loaded pap

Pap is an African staple some of us just can’t let go of.
The problem with pap for most people is the number of carbs in it vs the number of other nutrients like iron, fibre and protein.

Load you pap up making it more nutrient-dense. You also get less mielie meal in each serving.

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