Like 25 January was not distant enough, parents are now dealing with a 2-week extension on the reopening of schools, and not everyone is happy…

Parents have been on different pages when it comes to the reopening of schools. While others think it is a good idea for children to head back to school for a better learning and social environment, many parents disagree. Some parents believe that the country needs to be “out of the woods” regarding the pandemic before they send their children back-to-school.

The online reactions are also rather mixed, with primary school dad Thapelo Nhlapho arguing that “we are really wasting another academic year.” He believes that the government should rather find other creative means to keep the learners and teachers safe.

M-Kay said on Twitter “guys, you need to think out of the box.”

Parents believe that the government had adequate time to plan, considering that the government knew we might hit a second wave

Dineo Modieginyana has a daughter in Grade 6 and believes that this delay is a sensible thing to do to save all the lives at stake.

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The delay is meant to give schools and management teams time to plan accordingly. It will be looking at school staffing logistics, compiling which of the teachers are able to come back, their COVID-19 status, and those with co-morbidities.

Frustrated parents face chaotic month ahead: Schools reopening delayed

Samantha Mashego’s mother is a teacher in Diepsloot, where social distancing and hand sanitising are not religiously practised. She is worried about her mother and her health. “Especially,” she says, “seeing how people have lost their parents. It is so unsettling but the show must go on.”

Full-time working parents who need school are now caught between a rock and a hard place. They cannot afford to stay at home with the kids because they will lose their jobs. This means that homeschooling is not an option. They also struggle to afford to pay nannies.

This is what Twitter had to say about this:


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