South Africans are beaming with pride after Doja Cat’s latest trending collaboration; alongside superstars Ariana Grande and Megan Thee Stallion.

A week after Elon Musk made the country proud by becoming the richest human being on the planet, South Africans are expressing their pride in another one of their own. This time it’s rapper and songwriter Doja Cat who has been trending in Mzansi for most of Friday morning after her latest collaboration with American A-listers Megan Thee Stallion and Ariana Grande.

Doja Cat shines on Ariana’s remix

It’s definitely Ariana Grande season over in the States. Just three months after releasing her new album, Positions which features the viral single 34+35, the hitmaker has come out with an all-female remix of the track and it features none other than South Africa’s own Doja Cat.

The half South African rapper teamed up with Savage hitmaker, Megan Thee Stallion to bring some feisty and fiery wordplay to Ariana’s pop banger and the three of them have had the internet on lock for much of this New Music Friday. In South Africa, all of the praise has been reserved for Doja Cat who once again made the nation proud with another A-list collaboration.

Her comments were flooded appreciation from listeners in Mzansi, some of whom replied in Zulu and others who simply dubbed her “Ma Dlamini” – hailing her Zulu roots.

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Have a listen to the 34+35 remix below:

How does Doja Cat feel about her South African roots?

Ever since she has blown up in the last few years, Doja Cat’s South African lineage has been cast into the spotlight. The rapper is the daughter of South African actor, Dumisani Dlamini who is best known for his roles in productions such as Sarafina and Yizo Yizo.

Although it’s clear that the nation is proud of her success, much like Elon Musk, Doja Cat has quite a disconnected relationship with South Africa. During a heated racial saga last year, she expressed her pride at where she comes from when she hit back by saying “I’m a black woman. Half of my family is black from South Africa and I’m very proud of where I come from,”

However, the disconnection comes from the fact that she doesn’t have a relationship with the man responsible for her South African roots: her father. Speaking to Whoopi Goldberg, who starred alongside her father on the set of Sarafina, Doja Cat admitted that she didn’t know Dumisani at all. She said, “Yeah isn’t that crazy. And I didn’t get to meet him but you did,”

When asked about his daughter, Dumisani Dlamini revealed that her “company” was standing in the way of his attempts to reach her. He said, “I have tried to search for my baby and the company that runs her entertainment has been blocking me. They know that if I could get hold of her, maybe she will disappear from the picture … I know my daughter, wherever she is, is looking for me.”

Let’s hope that these two can resolve their differences so that Doja Cat can one day embrace her South African heritage in the same way South Africans have embraced her.