When one sees women thriving in careers society often views as reserved only for men, it is truly inspiring.

The hit song titled Sisters Are Doin’ It For Themselves definitely comes to mind in this regard. It is a classic by Eurythmics and multi-award winning singer-songwriter Aretha Franklin.

“Sisters are doing it for themselves

Standing on their own two feet

And ringing on their own bells

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Sisters are doing it for themselves”

The chorus goes.

Many have grooved to this song with their female squad many times back in the day – and still do.

This feminist anthem that was recorded in 1985 echoes a message that is still applicable to women of today.

An amazing post shared on the Winning Women’s Circle Facebook page reminded us of the power that women have and what they can do.

The post included images of women from different walks of life in various fields

Some of them posted were a rigger and steel erector, an electrician, a bricklayer, mechanical fitter and more. All these job titles, as you may have noticed, are in fields usually said to be reserved for males.

Well gone are the days where certain jobs were for women and others were for men. These days women are independent and ambitious and are proving that there is nothing that females cannot do.

What is even more beautiful about the post is that it showed pictures of the women in their work gear as well as images of them looking hot in their every day clothing.

It received hundreds of comments from people who inspired by ladies who are doing great things.

These amazing ladies have since gone viral – for good reason.

Refilwe Mohlapa Monnye – Rigger and steel erector in Polokwane

Refilwe Mohlapa Monnye (Image source: Facebook @Celebrities)

Sharlot Majunju van Mampana – Electrician in Pretoria

Sharlot Majunju van Mampana (Image source: Facebook @Celebrities)

Meriam Nebymore – Limpopo-born Bricklayer in Pretoria

Meriam Nebymore (Image source: Facebook @Celebrities)

Nomfundo Mpungose – Mechanical fitter in Durban

Nomfundo Mpungose (Image source: Facebook @Celebrities)

Nikeziwe MakaAkhokuhle Mkhwanazih – Welder based in Durban

Nikeziwe MakaAkhokuhle Mkhwanazih (Image source: Facebook @Celebrities)

Check out more images of these lovely queens below.

Go queens!

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