Bring old and tired recipes into the age of Instagram and picture-perfect cuisine with these simple and delicious tips.

Give your all-time favourite foods a 2021 facelift with touches of modern flavour and Instagramable appeal.

Play with texture

Texture can make a huge difference to what food looks like and our entire eating experience.
Use raw seeds, grains and nuts to turn your bowl of breakfast porridge into a porridge bowl.
Add fruit and vegetables for colour and flavour creating a theme and a more balanced meal as you build.

Cacao & Peanut Butter Porridge recipe

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Throw some fruit in your curry

A good curry is made up of different tastes and flavours. Just spicy isn’t good enough.
Add a sweet and tangy flavour to your curry with fruit like persimmon and apricots.
These fruits have been used to sweeten curries for many years even though they haven’t always been visible.
Add some grilled fruit to your curry to give it a burst of colour and play on the different textures of the fruit, this will also add an unexpected but appreciated twist to the taste of your food.

Slow-Cooked Apricot Beef Curry recipe

A floral fantasy

Edible flowers and neutral-tasting fruit like dragon fruit can add a burst of colour and beauty to any dish without interfering too much with the taste and flavour.
Add these as an edible garnish to salads and desserts to turn ordinary-looking foods into exotic edible gardens.

RECIPE: The beauty and art of flora cuisine