Pearl Thusi is trending for a foul-mouthed reply after a Twitter troll used a picture of her sister in a sexist meme. 

When we woke up to the news that Pearl Thusi was trending on social media once again, many South Africans could have been forgiven for suspecting that the colourism debate had resurfaced once again.

As it turns out, the Behind the Story star was trending for a different reason altogether. Mama Panther found herself caught in a war of words with a Twitter user who used a picture of her younger sister in a very unflattering post. Needless to say, Pearl was not going to take this lying down! 

Pearl Thusi goes for the jugular! 

If you’ve ever engaged Pearl Thusi on social media, you will know that the mother of two is a straight shooter. When trolls go low, Pearl doesn’t mind going lower as she seeks to give back what others attempt to dish out. We saw the latest example of this on Wednesday evening after a social media user tried to get a few laughs at her sister’s expense, but the Queen Sono star was not having it at all. 

It began when the user in question wrote on Twitter “You can never build a home with this kind of woman” and the woman pictured was none other than Prunella Thusi, Pearl’s younger sibling. It didn’t take long for the tweet to make its way onto Pearl’s timeline and when it did, all hell broke loose. 

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She responded in fiery fashion when she wrote back – Be warned, there is strong language in the post below: 

Was Pearl wrong for attacking his mother?

It didn’t take long for the tide to turn against Pearl Thusi. A number of neutrals on Twitter called her out for insulting the hapless tweep’s mother (who had nothing to do with this entire exchange).

A follower named Thembi explained, “She could have made her point without involving anyone’s mom we all know mothers do all they can to raise their kids right but then people do whatever they please and has nothing to do with the way they’re raised”. This is also not the first time that Pearl has used people’s mothers as an insult on social media! 

Despite the critics, many others were able to see things from Pearl’s point of view

One user summed it up best by writing, “The people that keep saying it wasn’t necessary for Pearl to respond like that…. which is the right way to respond when a stranger disrespects a woman for no reason? Please explain to me how must woman react so that next time, we react in a way that best suits toxic me”

It seems that, despite the foul language used, this time around several people believe that Pearl was within her rights to respond the way she did. 

What do you think is the best way to deal with social media trolls?


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