Trying to lose weight can be daunting. Sometimes you take one step in the right direction only to take 6 steps back in the wrong direction.

With the right tools in your arsenal, you have a better chance of reaching your weight loss goals.

Here are 5 things that will make losing weight easier

A big water bottle

Bigger is better but portable is best. Staying hydrated is a healthy habit that can contribute to your weight loss and overall wellbeing.

The average person should drink at least 2 litres of water a day, this depends on your BMI, health, medication you may be taking and other factors.

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Having water on hand all the time to quench your thirst means not making the difficult choice between good clean water and sugary juices and drinks.

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An alarm clock

While just about all our phones have an alarm clock built-in, they also have an array of distraction on them.

Keeping your phone switched on and on hand through the night could shorten the time you actually spend sleeping in bed.

Rest and at least 8 hours of sleep are crucial to good health and contribute to weight loss. Using an alarm clock instead of your phone could mean sleeping more and scrolling less.

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A food scale

Counting calories and calculating your micros and macros is a good way to track your meals. Tracking can ensure that you are getting all the nutrients you need.
Estimations of how much food you are eating could lead to overeating or under eating. This will affect your weight loss results and your health.
A food scale can help you calculate the value of your meals as you with greater accuracy.


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A good multivitamin

Modern diets are often lacking in the vitamins and nutrients our bodies need. While trying to lose weight, you may be eating less and demanding more from your body.
Taking a multivitamin is not a substitute for eating a healthy and nutritious diet, however, it does contribute to building a healthier body.

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A good lunch bag

Eating a specific diet often meant moving around with your own food and snacks. Having the right lunch bag means having a place to keep your food during the day and avoiding temptation.

When looking for a lunch bag, consider how much space you need. This will be determined by how much food and snacks you will need through the day. You also need to consider insulation and how to keep your food fresh and ready to eat.


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