Whether you’re looking to start the year off on a health high or you want to make a permanent change to the way you eat; becoming vegan isn’t easy and staying vegan is even harder. But the long term benefits could be worth the effort.

If you’re considering going Vegan, start slow, and don’t get too upset with yourself if you lapse once in a while. Keep up the efforts and allow the diet to become a part of your lifestyle. Any change is tough, but you’ll be proud of yourself if you succeed!

Here are some helpful tips to help you stay on the Vegan train – for January, and into the future if you want to!

Always have your own snacks

Some people will cater to vegetarians, but very few will actually have vegan food unless it’s a vegan party.
Whether you are going to work, or a family braai always has your own snacks. Avoid being hungry, left out and tempted to call it quits on your newly found veganism.


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Read labels carefully

Deciding to break from your vegan lifestyle is one thing. Accidentally eating something that isn’t vegan is a different story.
Whatever your reason for becoming vegan, reading food labels and knowing exactly what you are eating is always a good idea.

Raddison Blu’s Chef Norman has become an expert on vegan dining since introducing some exciting new vegan dishes to the hotel’s menu.
He agrees that although it can be tedious it is worth it.
“There are a lot of foods that use chicken or beef stock, for example, while others feature dairy ingredients. When you’re starting out, get into the habit of checking ingredients before you buy anything,” he says.

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Find alternatives to the things you like

Being vegan and missing out on all the thing you like can feel like a punishment. It also means you will be tempted to stray often.

Find alternatives to the things you enjoy like milk in your coffee, yoghurt, sausages and sauces.
“Excluding all dairy products is generally one of the biggest adjustments for new vegans, and it’s often the reason why many people don’t fully commit to the lifestyle. Instead of thinking that you’re going without dairy, however, look out for substitutes that will elevate your cooking equally effectively,” says chef Norman.


Vegan burger patty recipe


Don’t be boring

There is more to being vegan than eating bowl after bowl of vegetables. As the number of vegans grows worldwide, more exciting vegan products are hitting the market. This makes it possible to have completely vegan cheesy pizza, a juicy vegan burger and even tuck into a vegan steak.

Experiment with new recipes and products and keep your menu interesting so that you never feel bored or left out at mealtimes.

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