Dealing with a compulsive liar can be very difficult. A person who lies constantly may begin believing his or her own lies after a time, thus making it very hard to confront the person.

Begin by talking

The best way to sort out lies from the truth is to talk. If you know this person well enough, you might be able to distinguish between the truth and the lies. 

Expect denial 

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A compulsive liar will not admit to lying. Confronting the person is still the best way to deal with the situation. It will help you decide whether or not you need to maintain contact with a person you canâ??t believe or trust.

Confront a particular situation head on

If the compulsive liar has lied specifically about you, let him or her know you are aware of the situation. You may never get anything in the way of an apology, but at least the person will know where you stand.

Do not allow yourself to be manipulated

Compulsive liars are great manipulators and will make every attempt to turn a given situation into your fault. They may even make you feel as if you should admit to some sort of blame. Do not let this happen. Instead, stand your ground and maintain your original stance.

Donâ??t allow the person to manipulate you into believing you are wrong

If you truly feel the person is a liar, based on past events or even evidence you have collected, and you know you are right, you should stand firm on your belief and conviction. Otherwise you will only be opening yourself up for more lies in the future.

The best way to deal with a compulsive liar in the end, is to cut the person out of your life entirely. You deserve better and should surround yourself with people who are honest and trustworthy.