Dating at any age is difficult, and when you havenâ??t done it for a while, it can be even more daunting. But donâ??t fear, you are not alone! Many people find this difficult and share the same fears and concerns as you…

Here are our top rules for the midlife dating game:

Rule #1: Donâ??t date anyone who is almost the same age as your kids

Your kids may not take too kindly to this and really, what would you have in common with this person? Instead, find someone who is relatively close to your age and with whom you share common ground. 

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Youâ??ll have a lot more to share together and probably more fun in the end. This also makes for a more meaningful, lasting relationship, presuming this is what you want. If you are just looking for someone to have fun with, a younger man may be the answer, but you may wind up having a bit of trouble from your offspring as a result.

Rule #2: Be open to experimenting with new ways of meeting people 

If you donâ??t want to hang out in crowded, noisy bars, or have given up on bumping into Prince Charming in the street, try out some of the new dating technology available. This means becoming involved in the world of technology. Who knows, you just might meet someone online or through speed dating.

Rule #3: Be careful about which online dating sites you use 

Not all are legit, and not all work. Go with those that are reputable. Youâ??ll probably pay a little more to do this, but at least youâ??ll know where your money is going. The more reputable sites are also more populated, so youâ??ll be more likely to find someone that way than you would by using one youâ??ve never heard of before. All4Women supports the following secure online dating site:

Rule #4: Most importantly, be careful

You know what youâ??re getting yourself into, so use extreme care when dating anyone. This is true no matter how you meet. 

When going on a first, and even second, third, and fourth date, make sure someone knows where youâ??ll be and who youâ??re with at all times. Meet the people you date at a selected destination instead of letting them come to pick you up. The less they know about you and where you live, the better. Safety should outweigh everything else.