Last updated on Jun 11th, 2021 at 04:24 pm

Looking for a nappy bag that doesn’t have Winnie the Pooh prints on? We found 5 stylish nappy bags you’ll love carrying around.

Your nappy bag will be your ‘home away from home’ and you’ll be taking it everywhere you go for the first couple of years. Often, it will also double up as your handbag because it’s just not practical to carry your baby, a handbag and nappy bag everywhere you go.

Yes, the cute Winnie the Pooh and other animated nappy bags are cute when you have a newborn and just move between friends’ and your family’s houses, but once you start going out and about with your little one, you’ll want something a little more modern and stylish.

Here’s our favourite multifunctional nappy bags that are also stylish enough for a lunch with your girlfriends.

Gggles Multi-Functional Diaper Bag, from R229

Available from

We love the short handles that also allows you to use this bag as a handbag. You can also use it as a backpack as it has adjustable padded shoulder straps. Best of all – it has plenty of space for baby’s essentials as the main compartment has 4 open pockets, a zippered wall pocket, a water-resistant zippered pocket and a key clip. There’s also a zippered back pocket for access to items at bottom of bag.

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Gggles Multi-Functional Diaper Bag

Multifunctional Baby Dining Chair Diaper Bag, R539

Available from

This is just genius, and the perfect bag if you visit friends and family a lot who don’t have small kids. The front bag turns into a baby safety feeding belt, while the middle bag still has plenty of space for your nappies, bottles, wet wipes and other nappy bag essentials.

Multifunctional Baby Dining Chair Diaper Bag

Multi-Function Fashionable Large Capacity Mummy Backpack, R469

Available from

You can use this nappy bag as a backpack, handbag and hang it on your pram. It’s elegant and you can take it anywhere without anyone even knowing your baby’s nappies are hidden inside. The main compartment has various pockets to make it easy to find what you need inside.

Multi-Function Fashionable Large Capacity Mummy Backpack

George & Mason Baby Nappy Bag, R599

Available from

If you’ve always loved looking stylish whenever you’re heading out, that doesn’t have to change now that you are a parent. With this George & Mason Baby Nappy Bag you get it all. A beautiful design and the perfect amount of space means you don’t have to sacrifice organization, space, or convenience for a designer nappy bag!

George & Mason Baby Nappy Bag

Fashion Baby Diaper Bag with USB Charging Port, R479

Available from

Not only is this bag stylish and spacious, it also comes with a humanized USB charging interface and Headphone Jack design which means your phone will always be charged!

Fashion Baby Diaper Bag with USB Charging Port



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