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Rachel Kolisi and her household are Covid-free! And now they are trying to give back to frontline healthcare workers who have risked it all to help the nation. 

With the number of new Covid-19 cases rising by the day, health care workers are finding their loads increasing dramatically as the system struggles to deal with the weight of the pandemic.

Having put their lives on the line for most of 2020, many nurses, doctors and medical professionals are reaching alarming points of exhaustion already in 2021 and we’re not even halfway through January yet!

Having realised that something must be done, Rachel Kolisi opened the floor to healthcare workers and asked what she – and her followers – could possibly do to assist them during these most trying times. A gesture which we are sure will be felt warmly.

Rachel Kolisi’s heart-warming post 

The past two weeks have been extremely difficult in the Kolisi household. This after Rachel revealed that she and the family had contracted Covid-19 and were battling with some of the less comfortable symptoms of the coronavirus. 

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Two of Rachel and Siya Kolisi’s kids have Covid-19

Rachel shared regular updates on the Kolisi Covid journey

The wife of Springbok captain, Siya Kolisi, kept the nation updated on their progress before sharing a positive update this week when she revealed, “House Kolisi survived Covid. Which is not something any of us take lightly. So many people have loved ones fighting for their lives or have lost loved ones to this virus. My DMs have been flooded with people who have tested positive and immediately are flooded with anxiety. I also received tons of messages from healthcare workers sharing their utter exhaustion and daily trauma experiences.”

She went on to add that she had not recovered 100% but was feeling tremendously better along with her children.

How can we help the healthcare workers?

Rachel then turned the focus of her post onto those who are fighting this virus day in and day out: South Africa’s healthcare workers. She shared her plans for helping them during these most trying of times. 

She ended her post by inviting their feedback as she wrote, “if you’re a healthcare worker what do you believe would be the best way you could be supported right now? Even if it’s something as simple as having dinner organised”


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Healthcare workers share their requests

Rachel’s comments section was flooded by replies from healthcare professionals who had been battling the virus. 

One healthcare worker pleaded with the public to observe Covid-19 protocols by writing, “As a HCW [Health care worker], I really just want people to listen and obey the very simple rules to break the vicious cycle we are in.”

Gina de Merinda, another healthcare worker replied by saying, “As a healthcare worker for people to please just wear masks and continue to social distance. It’s hard AF. We are also struggling with it. But we have to keep at it until we can vaccinate.” 

bianca_viljoen2902 posted: My husband works on the ER24 ambulance. All he wants is a Prayer.

Meanwhile, healthcare professional Gillian du Plessis wrote, “Hi Rachel….I am a Healthcare worker…thank you for asking what it is that one would need right now….well I am also a covid survivor. …All Thanks to God!…Well I am in the process of making pamper boxes for my colleagues. ….I feel enough is not being done for Healthcare workers so I came up with this idea…’s just something to show them that their hard work is really being appreciated……Our Employer just say .. thank you! But that not enough considering what we are going through….To see patients dying one after the other, patients not able to breathe struggle to not be anxious is not nice at all……So I am doing this out of my own pocket….I did post asking for donations maybe from Woolies but no response. ….a friend offered to help me….. I would like to make for all staff at the hospital but unfortunately only able to make for my colleagues in the medical – covid ward……If u could help with this then it would be awesome…..thank you for the work you guys are doing. … after covid I also still fell sick… energy and out of breath. ….it took 2 months to be my normal charming self … take it easy…….you will fully recover……..Everything of the best”

Summary of needs:

  • Obey the rules! Wear a mask, wash your hands, don’t socialise in big groups
  • Wear your mask!
  • Pray for the healthcare workers (HCW)
  • Contribute towards pamper boxes for the HCW
  • Share some extra love with the children of HCW – they haven’t seen much of their exhausted parents

What do you think we should be doing for the healthcare workers of South Africa?



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