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You really don’t need as much as you think when going out with your little one – just a few essential key items for every possible eventuality. 

When we leave the house with our kids – whether to go to the shop, on an outing or on holiday, we tend to pack everything but the kitchen sink.

We asked moms to share what they have in their nappy bags when they leave the house:

A few key essential items

“I take nappies, wet wipes, 2 face cloths, sanitizer, Vaseline, biscuits, a box of Tinkies, 4 small juices, 2 bottles of water, 3 extra sets of clothes for my 3-year-old daughter. Plastic packets, hair bands, 3 plasters, 1 small bandage with 3 safety pins, 1 pen, 1 small writing pad, 2 mini dolls, a spare set of clothes for myself and for each of my other 3 kids. I carry a backpack with 3 big columns everywhere I go with my 4 kids. A pack of pads and spare underwear for myself packed into a small bag. This has been what I carry for the last 13 years. Will downsize to a big handbag when my daughter stops using nappies totally.” – Suraya Jeewa

Don’t forget the sanitizer

“Nappies, wipes, my son’s comfort blanket, extra set of clothes, at least 1 toy, water, bottle, snacks, nappy bags, sanitizer, sunblock, hat.” – Xenia Luff

Plastic bags

On the go plastic bags to put that nasty nappy in….” – Ronel Potgieter Hanekom

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Extra dummies. They always go missing.” – Bianca Rust

Extra change of clothes

Nappies, wet wipes, extra change of clothing, bottle, burp cloth, changing mat, sunblock, baby nasal spray, dummy, face cloth, bum cream, extra little blankie.” – Justine Haskins

Never leave the house without:


A snack, nappies, wet wipes, bum cream, extra pair of clothes and formula with a water bottle as well.” – Lungi Conco Tshiloane

Extra mom advice: Sheald Recovery Balm will change your life!

I’ve been testing the iS Clinical Sheald Recovery Balm for a little more than a month and I was amazed at how versatile it is. You can use it for so many different things and it really works. I’ve been using it for dry skin (my hands are super dry from all the sanitizing and it really has made such a big difference. I used to apply hand cream at least 10 times a day – with Sheald Recovery Balm I only need one or two applications a day.

Kids’ skin is a lot more sensitive than ours, so if your little one’s hands are very dry from all the sanitizing, this is a must-have item to carry around in your handbag or nappy bag.

But that’s not all. You can also use Sheald Recovery Balm for rashes, open wounds and scratches. Kids always have a knee or elbow that got scraped while they were playing, so this is really handy to always have with you. And if your little one suddenly develops a heat rash while you’re out and about or a nappy rash, just apply a thin layer of Sheald Reovery balm and voila!

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