Food storage is one of the most important ways to save money on your groceries bill. Buying more food for less is only helpful if the food you buy goes towards feeding your family

Here are some helpful tips to store your food the right way and keep it edible for longer.

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Bananas go in the fridge… eventually

While most South Africans are troubled by the thought of putting bananas in the fridge, that is exactly where they should be once they reach optimal ripeness.
After buying a bunch of bananas separate them and cover the stems with cling wrap to slow down the rate at which they ripen ( if you want to ripen a few don’t cover their stems.

When your bananas eventually reach optimal ripeness and their perfect for eating, but you just haven’t gotten around to eating them yet, slow down further ripening by putting them in the fridge where cooler temperatures will slow down ripening.

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Eggs go in the fridge too, but in their packaging

Most people store eggs in the fridge to keep them fresh, as soon as they have been layn the quality of the eggs deteriorates each day even before they technically go bad.
Keeping your eggs in the fridge can delay their deterioration and keep them fresher for longer.

While most fridges have a plastic compartment for your eggs, this compartment is usually more shallow than the individual spaces in the egg carton.

The egg carton is designed to keep the eggs from breaking but also to keep the yolks centred and prevent the eggs from scrambling inside the shell. This is the best place for your eggs, even inside the fridge.

Which condiments need to be kept in the fridge?


Keep bread out of the fridge

Most bread loaves have a short shelf life, best eaten within two days or a little more of being bought.
Although this is a little bit more flexible in winter, in the South African summer bread can start smelling a little past its best days even the day after it was bought. For this reason, many people keep their bread in the fridge which keeps in edible but makes it go stale quicker.

The best place for a loaf of bread is a cool dark cupboard, but if your loaf will last more than a couple of days, it may be best to store separate servings in sandwich bags and freeze them, thawing a serving out a few hours before you need it.

Frozen and thawed bread feels and tastes fresher than refrigerated bread.

Food storage: Put THESE in the fridge, but leave the bread out


Dry spinach is fresh spinach

Bulk spinach packs are all the rage in grocery stores. The big packets of chopped spinach are tempting. However, If you don’t plan on cooking all your spinach within the next or 3 days or freezing it for later, whole spinach leaves are a better buy.

Whole spinach leaves are easier to keep dry. Wash your spinach leaves in cold water. Pat them dry and leave out to air if necessary. When the leaves have dried off store in an airtight container with a paper towel to soak up any moisture between each leave. This way your spinach could last over a week.

Freezer fresh flour

You never think dry flour can go bad until it does. Buying the large sack of flour can be a bargain, but if you cannot use it up in a few months. It could also be a tremendous waste.
Keeping flour in the coolest, dryest place is the best way to preserve it and, it doesn’t get better than an airtight, moisture-tight container in your freezer.

This can take up a lot of space and works best if you have a chest freezer.


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Flour in the freezer + Other foods you’ve been storing wrong all along

Here are some helpful tips to store your food the right way and keep it edible for longer.

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