The new d6 Connect app is a parent-driven school lift network that will offer parents a convenient, affordable and safe way to get your kids to school and back.

Juggling lifts to school, sports and extra-mural activities can be challenging, especially if you’re having to drop off and collect your child at multiple destinations while managing your own work and household activities.

If this sounds like you, you’ll be really relieved to hear about the d6 Connect app launching in January 2021.

This new service links parents who are already making trips to and from school or activities, and who are able to ferry more children in their car, with parents in their community looking for a ride for their child.

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You decide who your child will travel with and you can track the trip each step of the way. The parents on the lifting network must all be registered parents at the same school or community, ensuring a trusted lift service for your precious cargo.

How it works:

The process is managed within the safe d6 Connect app environment and is only available to parents that use the app and have children at schools that are using d6 Connect. Much like other ride-hailing apps, riders and drivers register their profiles in the app and the rider loads a credit or debit card so payment is a breeze.

Riders then load their Zipalongs (kids) details including a unique pass phrase that the driver will use when collecting your child so that they know they are with a registered driver that is also a parent from the school. From there you can view all available rides for a specific day, decide who your child/ren will travel with, select the trip and share the details of the trip with your child. You can track the trip on a map at any time and will receive notifications alerting you when your child has been picked up and dropped off.

Everyone benefits…

A portion of your fare goes to the school (if your school is not on d6 Connect, ask them about it so that you can also benefit from this exciting service) and it’s also a great way for the driving parents to make a bit of extra income if they so wish.

Those parents who want to earn revenue will need to have a Professional Driving Permit (PDP) and will then benefit from a percentage of the fare. Driving parents who choose not to do it for income and are just wanting to lend a helping hand on their route, do not need to have a PDP.

It’s that easy!

Booking a ride:

  • Open the d6 Connect app, go to MORE and select RIDES
  • Register
  • Load your card for payments
  • Select the trip you want to book
  • Provide the pick-up and drop off address
  • Select which of your children needs the lift
  • Share the details of the trip with your child (optional)
  • Track your trips
  • Receive pick up and drop off notifications

Offering a ride:

  • Open the d6 Connect app, go to MORE and select RIDES
  • Register as a driver and make sure you have all the necessary documents in place
  • Load your details (vehicle and available seats etc) that will be making the trip.
  • Load the trips you are making where you can offer lifts
  • If someone books their Zipalong with you, accept them
  • Remember to start your trip and press the button in the app to say when you have picked up and dropped off the Zipalong

For more information visit: or email


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