The full embracing of technology and robotics are changing the world of work.

Robotics is getting rid of the monotonous jobs that see people doing the same thing day in day out. 

In 2019, banking giant Standard Bank retrenched more than 2000 employees in line with their digital strategy. It is downscaling on staff and shutting down physical branches as online banking grows. 

With such, jobs of the future are and continue to change. It is important for young people to study fields that are deemed necessary in the future. 

Nola Payne, Head of Faculty at The Independent Institute of Education notes some key fields. These include cloud, internet of things, big data, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and augmented reality are expanding. 

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Here are some fields that kids can explore; 

Mobile App Developer/Web Developer 

“Mobile app development is one of the fastest-growing disciplines as more functionality moves to mobile devices. The good news for prospective students is that there is currently a big skills gap in this area. There are many opportunities in this field, and it is also a good fit for those interested in becoming entrepreneurs.”

Those pursuing a career in app development will need to be well versed in user interface design and adaptation to different mobile operating systems and screen sizes. For instance, smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches, notes Payne.

Software Engineers and Database Administrators 

“Both of these are existing careers are constantly evolving as a result of the need to adapt for operation in the cloud and on digital devices. Additionally, there is a massive and growing demand for improved security, with databases and application systems shielded from attack while being properly managed and networked,” she says.

Cyber Security Expert 

“Further to the above, dedicated cybersecurity experts are some of the most in-demand professionals,” says Payne.

“With hackers and bad faith actors growing in their number and their ability to sow havoc in public and private organisations across the globe, these professionals play a vital role in shielding their employers from attack. Their role is to secure websites, company data, and sensitive information in the cloud.”

Network Engineers 

The role of network engineers is to integrate and connect computer systems and networks across various platforms such as mobile devices, the cloud and traditional systems.

“More than ever before, business is being conducted online, translating to increased job opportunities for network administrators and network managers who can help businesses securely use these technologies,” says Payne.

Data Analyst/Scientist 

“If you enjoy mathematics, statistics, and programming, and have an analytical brain, this is the career for you,” Payne says. She explains that these professionals analyse and make decisions based on big data – usually massive amounts of data often obtained through people’s interaction on web pages – to customise their experience. The aim is to analyse and respond to client needs as well as source new clients.

3D Printing Farms- Robotics- Augmented Reality- Artificial Intelligence-Machine Learning are other areas that students can pursue. 

All the fields above are at the cutting edge of current technology, and are set to grow exponentially in the future, says Payne. “These are very exciting emerging opportunities, and prospective students interested in these fields should ensure they speak to a student advisor at their higher education institution of choice to enquire about how their offering matches these career paths. 


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