Uniform shopping is one of the least favourite (and most expensive!) tasks when preparing to go back to school…

Now, during COVID-19 times, it is an even more complex endeavour as people social distance and try their best not to contract the virus.

Tailored uniform shopping is very specific, and most schools have strict retailers that they work with.

Traditional uniform shopping in a pandemic

Some stores are commissioned by public and private schools to provide uniforms, and still require parents to come into the store for purchases.

You’ll receive a unique number as you enter the door, and you are assigned a store consultant. You give them the name of the school and the child’s gender and grade.

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If you do not already have a list of items you need, the consultant will go through a manual book containing the school uniform. They then would go to the storeroom to pick it out for you. A customised uniform is not available on the sales floor.

Online retailers

There are, however, players in the uniform game that have not only realised how daunting the experience is but are playing their part in curbing the coronavirus.

To minimise trips to the store, these online retailers offer a platform where parents can be purchase school uniforms online.

Where to shop uniforms online?

Sitting at home, parents can purchase customised school uniforms specific to their school.

The retailers’ websites have options to choose a school of their choice and the related uniform.

The founder of Unico, Zaahid Abdool, started the online section of the business because he wanted to offer parents “ease of mind, convenience, and safety.” Zaahid says that parents can now buy school uniform “from the comfort of their own home.”

Sizing is a concern that most parents have when purchasing school uniforms

According to Zaahid “in an attempt to overcome that challenge I included very comprehensive sizing charts.”

Request online options

If your school is not included yet, you should not worry as online shopping has become an inevitability. Parents can also encourage their schools to go this route which affords them some safety and convenience.

For parents who just need to replace a lost cap, or tie, or get new socks, an easy, safe, and online purchase can be made without having to trek to the store.