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If there’s one person who can get the whole country talking about a new tattoo, it’s definitely Khanyi Mbau! Check out her new piece of body art below.

In the spirit of “new year, new me”, Khanyi Mbau decided that the beginning of 2021 was the perfect time to add a new tattoo to her body. Although most people usually take this time of the year to make bold, new changes, Khanyi took it to another level as we soon discovered when she shared a saucy bikini picture. It didn’t take long for her followers to notice the provocative placement of her new tat and once they did, the chatter did not die down…

Khanyi Mbau’s NSFW tattoo!

It was just another ordinary day on Khanyi Mbau’s timeline when she decided to share a picture of herself in a sexy white, semi-transparent body suit. Fans of the Mbau Reloaded star will be used to to her typically daring images on social media, but that’s not what got people talking. Some particularly observant followers noticed that Khanyi was sporting a new tattoo although it might not have been easily visible upon first glance…

The mother of one appears to have gotten a tattoo just above her pubic area and although it wasn’t easy to make out what was written/drawn, fans could just about see the left and right edges of the illustration peeking out of either side of Khanyi’s body suit. Take a look at the image below but be warned, this might not be NSFW (not safe for work):

Social media users are usually quick to spot even the smallest of details in an image and it came as no surprise that the “zoom gang” (i.e. social media users who are famous for zooming in and enlarging minor details in an image) began to make a noise about the rather interesting placement of Khanyi’s newest tat.

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Celebrities whose tattoos got us talking

It seems as if Khanyi Mbau has taken the tattoo game to another level, and although we haven’t seen anything quite like hers in Mzansi, she is just the latest in a line of celebrities who got the timeline buzzing after donning new body art.

Kelly Khumalo

Getting a tattoo of your partner on your body is always a very risky move to make, just ask Kelly Khumalo who was quick to get matching tattoos with her bae (at the time), Chad Da Don. Kelly has admitted that she soon regretted the decision after they broke up.

Atandwa Kani

When the world was mourning the death of Chadwick Boseman, Atandwa Kani decided that the best way to preserve the memory of his Black Panther co-star was to get a tattoo of his face. Let’s hope he doesn’t regret it like Kelly!


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Denise Zimba

When Denise Zimba showed off a NSFW tattoo, positioned just below her breasts, she drew a lot of unwanted backlash from the social media masses who accused her of posting inappropriately. Needless to say, Denise did not take the criticism lying down. Warning, this picture may be NSFW!

Which celebrity tattoos do you remember causing a stir?