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Since Joburg Ballet senior soloist Angela Revie’s wardrobe is all tutus and tulle, she’s no stranger to fantasy and romance. However, it’s her new leading man, three-month-old Logan, who’s taught her about love’s deeper side.

Q: Did you have to give up ballet when you found out you were pregnant? How did you feel about this? Did you miss it? And how long after the birth of your little one did you start dancing again?

A: While I didn’t take part in a major production, I continued to dance up until the day Logan was born. I confess I missed performing a little, but I loved being pregnant more, so that really consumed my whole life. I waited six weeks after the birth before returning to work at Joburg Ballet.

Q: How did you get your pre-pregnancy figure back?

A: I was fortunate that I didn’t really have to try too hard – the demands of breastfeeding and just keeping up with Logan was enough to ensure I was back to my pre-pregnancy shape within a month.

Q: How do you and Logan spend quality time together?

A: We play a lot, which includes exercises, singing, dancing, reading and just staring at each other, which is my favourite.

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Q: What do you do to relax?

A: I love being at home and just watching TV, or to visit my parents and spend quality time with them.

Q: What is your favourite treat?

A: I love indulging in a piece of cake or a cookie.

Q: What is your favourite leisure time activity?

A: I wish I could spend all my time travelling. I love experiencing new places, people and things with my husband and son.

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