Last updated on Feb 11th, 2021 at 08:37 am

Many families choose the Easter weekend as a time to escape the city and go on holiday. Maybe you have a favourite coastal town or even a holiday home, or you go to a farm where your kids can run around without having to watch for traffic. You’ll probably be spending some extra time in the car, so unless you enjoy repeating the word “Soon” to the question “Are we there yet?” you’ll need some weapons against driving-boredom:

  1. Before you go, make a checklist of things your kids can spot. When they’ve managed to tick off the whole list, they get to have a treat – say, a milkshake at the next petrol stop. Include some local birds, animals and plants, and make it educational.
  2. When you plan your route, break it up with something exciting or unusual – a detour to a special farm or lookout spot. This will also give them a chance to walk off some of the snacks you’ve enjoyed along the way.
  3. Pack a goody bag with some small activities and toys (without small parts) that they can play with or make, or a comic or book to read.
  4. When you come to large towns, let them have a treat, and encourage them to read the signs as pretend navigators. They can even make up nonsense town names if they can’t read.
  5. Make up a story about where you’re going, and let them tell the next chapter in the story. You could be spies, going on a secret mission, or treasure hunters off to find ancient ruins.