Last updated on Jan 31st, 2021 at 08:06 pm

Do you remember how excited you were the first time your little one took her first steps? We love seeing our kids reach special milestones – and sometimes they reach milestones we never thought possible for a child their age, which makes us even prouder.

This is the case for a 15-month-old’s parents from Australia. Wayde and Jessica-Leigh were interviewed by Australian news broadcaster Sunrise after video clips on TikTok of their toddler shredding up a storm at a skatepark in Nowra, NSW went viral on social media.

Polly loves to skate and she is really quite good at it – practising at every opportunity she can get under the watchful eye of her dad.

Polly’s mom told Sunrise that her daughter started balancing on a skateboard when she was only 10-months-old. The family was away on holiday when Jessica-Leigh saw her daughter on the skateboard. She asked her husband to just keep an eye on the baby while she washed up, and this is when Wayde gently pushed Polly on the skateboard down the hallway. Her balance and coordination was really good the parents say and so Polly’s skateboarding ‘career’ started.

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Polly’s dad says they have been receiving a lot of criticism from people saying that she’s too young to skate and will get seriously injured, but Wayde is never far away from his daughter, catching her before she even hits the ground when she loses her balance.

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Check out some of her videos below:

Dad is always there when Polly loses her balance!

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!